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The idea

The idea for Course Finder came about a few years ago in conversation with friends who are physiotherapists themselves and offer Pilates courses, among other things. They were looking for an easy-to-use booking software that would replace the HTML e-mail form used on their website at the time, so that the participants would automatically receive a booking confirmation or, alternatively, feedback if the course was already fully booked and therefore they could not attend at the time is possible.

The first prototype

The first working version quickly emerged as an app within a year. This was then supplemented with a web version the following year, so that participants without a smartphone or tablet can also book courses on their PC. With each new course provider, we have continuously expanded our software so that, in addition to the basic functions, a number of advanced settings can now be made in order to be able to map the large variety of courses and their booking modalities.

At the beginning of this year, we even equipped Course Finder with an appointment booking function, since many of our customers also offer individual appointments such as coaching or treatments in practices in addition to group appointments/courses, which can now also be booked via the same platform.

Our mission

Our aim is to simplify the everyday life of course providers, therapists, masseurs, doctors, yoga and Pilates instructors, coaches and trainers in such a sustainable way that they can concentrate fully on the actual treatment or course, i.e. on the customer/patient can concentrate.

Why the name?

All courses managed via Course Finder can also be found by participants using the Course Finder search function. Thus, in addition to a booking platform, Course Finder is also a course search engine where participants/patients can easily find new interesting offers - hence the name Course Finder.

We look forward to you!

The Course Finder Crew